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Why Join Hop2it’s Club

Hop2it’s Club is to help new FREE to join Members learn about the many opportunities available to today. Our Members wish to take advantage of property, business and product acquisition.


Wealth Creation

Hop2it Trade & Property Exchange operates as a wealth advisory and provides services through our Wealth Centres. We issue and lend Trade Dollars to members to purchase goods and services.

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Want to Buy PropertyNo Deposit? Borrow from Hop2it Wealth Club!

Property is most sought after for investment and residential enjoyment.  2020 will see many new opportunities for property and only those with cash deposits and finance will be able to buy. Join Hop2it Club, apply for your Trade Loan and buy your new property and get moving!

No Interest Deposit Loans To Members.

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tRewards Program

Earn Trade Points for your introduction of new Members. As you grow your network and of Members we reward you in Trade Points.


Leverage Trade Points

You will be further rewarded in Trade Points for a percentage of the trade volume (TV) created by your new introduced Member.


Redeem Trade Points

At any time you can redeem your Trade Points for goods and services from any Member. Redeem Points for Trade Dollars and purchase high ticket items.

              Members Property Funding Opportunities