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Welcome To Hop2it’s Traders Club

The Hop2it Group comprises of a number of companies incorporated in Asia, Australia and the USA. Our companies are positioned to acquire strategic assets which compliment our technology, food and wellness business plans through our export and import trading of real products since 2013.


Our experience in the international sourcing and export of food commodities is unique and forged after the Melamine chemical scare in China which created a rush on Infant Formula that has not ceased since 2008. Our company has expanded through sales growth and acquisition of Cannabanoid (CBD) businesses in the USA and a high quality food manufacturing company and Murrumbooee Super Foods brand in Australia.


In the USA our company Hop2it Holdings Inc. leads the charge in the emerging Cannabanoid industry, where we have produced CBD soft Gel-caps, flavored Oral Sprays and now a number of other exciting CBD based products for human and animal consumption. Hop2it Holdings Inc. holds our assets and is where our Shareholders will reside through our planed IPO.


Hop2it purchased and took control of the the Murrumbooee Gourmet Food business based in Queensland Australia in December 2017. The word “Murrumbooee” is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “cascading water” and is a real place in the Gibraltar National Park in Northern NSW. The Kimilary Aboriginal Tribe surround this sacred place and to day we have upgraded the business become Murrumbooee Super Foods in which we now after 12 months of research and testing, infuse de-hulled Hemp seed, protein and oil into a number of the 33 gourmet condiments Murrumbooee produces. Murrumbooee supplies retailers and now direct sales across Australia and is recommencing the export of products to the USA, Asia and Europe in the 2nd quarter 2019.

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Although the Hop2it Group is young, its Founder and management are not. Our leadership have known each other since the ’90’s and may have worked in this industry well before that. The Global Trading Rewards Program you are reading about on this web site is both unique and leading edge. It takes the stress out of commodity trading and applies export products for sale and resale to a cross section of wholesale, retail and direct sale customers, world-wide.


We see business as a strategy across many areas of commerce, not unlike the game of CHESS. To this end we have developed and continue to develop, a special program in which you can graphically view and manipulate your sales business in a fun and rewarding way. Our Chess based sales opportunity offers you the ability to either sit back and enjoy the sales ride, or immerse yourself in the sales strategies of considering the placement of your introduced new Traders (Chess Pieces) in the best position for your sales volume and subsequent commission and bonus payment results.


As an active Trading Member, you have become a Shareholder in the company and as such we hope that you can enjoy additional financial benefits as our company expands and becomes more valuable as an acquisition target.


Welcome aboard! View our corporate web site via the button below.

Hop2it Health & Wellness

Hop2it manufactures a range of CBD products for the US market and Hemp infused gourmet food for export from our Australian Murrumbooee Super Foods factory. Skin Care, candy, vapes and pet and animal food are also packaged and made ready for direct retail sale.

Hop2it IT Capability

As a Trader you receive with any Traders Product Suite a Traders Account which features financial, business, utility and webinars. You can access your account online at www.hop2it.com, or from a mobile APP downloaded from Google and iStores.

Our Food Manufacture

By far our most exciting products are our Hemp infused gourmet condiments. These products can be exported to any country where Hemp is legal. We manufacture them in Hop2its Murrumbooee Super Food factory, www.murrumbooee.com.au.

Hop2it Company Shares

Hop2it Holdings Inc. (“Hop2it”) is our company moving to IPO and incorporated in the State of Delaware in the United States. As a newly introduced Trading Member, once you purchase a Traders Product Suite you will become a Shareholder of Hop2it.

Trader Product Suite A Entry Level 2 Pieces

1. Private Digital Trade Dollar Currency 2. Hop2it Export Products by Kilo Units 3. Company Shares

Trader Product Suite B 4 Chess Pieces Issued

1. Private Digital Trade Dollar Currency 2. Hop2it Export Products by Kilo Units 3. Company Shares

Trader Product Suite C 6 Chess Pieces Issued

1. Private Digital Trade Dollar Currency 2. Hop2it Export Products by Kilo Units 3. Company Shares

Trader Product Suite D 8 Chess Pieces Issued

1. Private Digital Trade Dollar Currency 2. Hop2it Export Products by Kilo Units 3. Company Shares

Hop2it’s Business Is Just A Game of Chess

The Best Rewards Plan on the Planet. It’ll blow your mind!

Join the next big wave and have your pieces placed on a silver board. Once the board’s 15 cells are filled, the board divides and the piece in cell 1 advances to a Gold Board. When each of your pieces advance to a Gold Board, you earn a Reward. The number of pieces you have in play is determined by your choice of Suite when joining. The rank of your pieces, are upgraded by making Retail Sales.

Get Excited. See it for yourself!

If one of your pieces is in cell 1 on a gold board, you get paid additional rewards as the board fills. These are paid incrementally as certain cells are filled. This cycle continues over and over again.

Let the Pieces do the Work for you. Checkmate!

Work smarter, not harder. You can earn a lasting residual income from establishing your position and benefiting from global product sales.

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