About Us

Hop2it Global Trade & Property Exchanges

Import & Export Trading

Hop2it trades by importing and exporting products and offers debentures to interested members. For more information see, www.hop2ittrades.com.


Global Memberships

With members in over 20 countries, Hop2it offers online opportunities for mebers to operate a full or part time business online. See www.hop2it.net.


Trade & Property Exchanges

Hop2it members can trade with local currency transactions for goods, services and property using Trade Dollars. See www.hop2it.com.au.

Interestedin making purchases without cash? How to use Trade Dollars to create wealth!

Hop2it operates a number of local currency Trade Exchanges. The company issues Trade Dollars in local currencies for Members to purchase goods, services and high ticket items such as motor vehicles and property.

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