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When you join our Global Trading & Rewards Program your membership is completely free.


Depending upon the package you choose to join with, your electronic and digital equity products and services will be delivered to you after you gain access to your new back office. Step one is to create personal sales volume and this is done simply by choosing from one of our four profitable Trading Product Suites and then by completing payment for it. Following this you will receive access to all your products, including your gifted products, but logging into your new back office using the credentials provided through your new membership.


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Product Suites Contain CHESS Pieces


Hop2it International is effectively a membership based trading company that exports and imports high quality food products to populous countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas. You have heard of the Infant Formula scare in China and as an example Hop2it has been exporting Infant Formula and milk powder products to China and now other Asian countries. This is trading! Of course we do not expect you to become an exporter or importer, Hop2it and its trading partners facilitate that. We have made it possible for you to participate commercially in each and every kilogram of product we purchase and on sell to international customers.


Your CHESS Pieces


To make your business life easier and fun we have developed a graphical representation of your business. Because we are strategic planners, CHESS was chosen to depict sales as “moves on a Chessboard”. The fun part is that you simply purchase product suites which contain Chess Pieces which are automatically placed on a Silver Board for you in a similar manner to that where you would position an introduced sales person. As more sales teams purchase product and their Chess Pieces are positioned, your Silver Board expands and duplicates and duplicates until you are advanced to an new Gold Board where your benefits and rewards increase. We believe that our Chess bases trading rewards program provides you with a strategic business opportunity that is intuitive and fun to operate.

CHESS Program Introduction


To start trading is as simple as selecting the Trading Product Suite for the price that is affordable for you and Product Suites commence from as little as USD$250.00. In each Product Suite (A,B,C or D) are a bundle of goodies including a set number of kilograms of the product being traded nationally or internationally. With each Product Suite there are added tools such as digital currency and company shares which means that as a Hop2it Trader you are also become a valued company a Shareholder, with a real stake in a real company with real products.


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