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Our Compensation Plan


Unlike other programs that do not pay you on all your sales teams volume, our plan represents for the first time in history, and due to the co-operative nature of our program, that you can earn cash and other exciting rewards from your own retail sales efforts, the efforts of your introduced team, but also the sales efforts of other Traders in our program.


Within our unique global Co-Op you are rewarded for the efforts of other Traders not connected to you anywhere in the world. As per other specific details you can find in the How Does It Work menu in this site, this is achieved when you join and purchase one of four exciting Product Suites. Within each Suite there are a number of physical, electronic and equity products, including a number of CHESS Pieces. Your Sales Volume is represented in our Program as Chess Pieces. Unlike anything you have ever seen, you can visually inspect the Sales Volume levels of other Traders and opt to move your Chess Pieces onto Boards that you believe are populated by “high achievers”.  This co-operative philosophy allows our new and experienced Traders to become more successful by Chess Piece association and collective sales endeavors.

The Best Rewards Plan on the Planet. It’ll blow your mind….

Join the next big wave and have your pieces placed on a silver board. Once the board’s 15 cells are filled, the board divides and the piece in cell 1 advances to a Gold Board. When each of your pieces advance to a Gold Board, you earn a Reward. The number of pieces you have in play is determined by your choice of Suite when joining. The rank of your pieces, are upgraded by making Retail Sales.

Get Excited. See it for yourself….

If one of your pieces is in cell 1 on a gold board, you get paid additional rewards as the board fills. These are paid incrementally as certain cells are filled. This cycle continues over and over again.

Let the Pieces do the Work. Checkemate.

Work smarter, not harder. You can earn a lasting residual income from establishing your position and benefiting from global product sales.

Your Business As A Strategic Chess Game

You may have been introduced to other direct or multi-level selling businesses in the past. Hop2it’s Global Sales & Rewards Program has fars surpassed the traditional norms and we believe that our Chess Board based program is the next big thing in global sales.


Hop2it Information Technology

After you are introduced to Hop2it’s Global Sales & Rewards Program and you join, you are issued with access to your sales business and your Chess Board to represent the Chess Pieces and Silver Board to represent and place the people that you introduce to the program. Importantly, you will receive access to a Traders Account and Mobile Application (APP) from which you can track sales, introduce new Traders and watch educational and informative company webinars.