Trading Product Suite C

Hop2it Company Shares


Hop2it Holdings Inc. is in a state of pre-IPO and is seeking a listing onto the OTCB a second tier board on the New York Stock Exchange.


When you join through our Global Rewards Program and select a Traders Suits of products and services that suite your budget and lifestyle, you can be provided with an ex gratia gift of a bundle of Hop2it company shares and loyalty points as consideration for your profile information. 


We see our trading members as a mission critical part of our international business and make up the fabric of any future exit strategy via the public markets.


As a Shareholder we hope that you will support YOUR company and introduce others to our Global Trading and Rewards Program. This innovative program provides you with a platform to visually represent your new sales, marketing and trading business on a CHESS Board where each piece represents one of the new Members that you have introduced.


“As A Shareholder You Have A Stake In Our Collective Future!”