Trading Product Suite B

Murrumbooee Australian Condiments – Export Products

Hop2it, via its Australian company Food Addict trading as Murrumbooee Australian and International Condiments, produces a range of 33 high quality gourmet products.


These products are export quality and have been sold into the United States to a retail chain and through Asia via direct sales. Because of their gourmet nature they are high in flavor and quality ingredients including sugars and sales. The market for these products is unlimited and we have moved the Murrumbooee business model to that of a direct sales program where these products are drop shipped from he Murrumbooee factory in Brisbane, Australia. 

Hemp Products & Hemp Infused Food – Export Products

As you have read, Hop2it acquired a food manufacturing business in Australia with an Aboriginal name “Murrumbooee” which means “Cascading Water”. The business makes 33 high quality gourmet condiments manufactured for the Australian domestic and US export markets.


In the last 18 months, we have expanded the condiment range to include Hemp infused products and the direct import of container based Hemp from Canada and the USA while the Australian cultivation market catches up as it only became legal in Australia to cultivate Hemp for food in October 2017.

Hemp Based Stock & Animal Feed

Hop2it has a strategic advantage in that is is a manufacturer and facilitator of the development of leading edge Cannabanoid health & wellness products in the US market. From Hop2it’s factory in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, the company manufactures high quality gourmet condiments and a range of Hemp infused and sugarless food products for human, pet, equine and stock use. Hop2it is both an exporter and importer of high quality dairy Infant Formula and milk powder products into populous countries, and an exporter of de-hulled Hemp seed, protein and oil to our own food factory. The result of these commercial activities is that Hop2it has an abundance of exciting products that sit within new emerging health, wellness and food manufacturing industries world-wide as governments change their previously restrictive laws.

Australian Infant Formula and Milk Powder – Export Sales

You may have been introduced to other direct or multi-level selling businesses in the past. Hop2it’s Global Sales & Rewards Program has fars surpassed the traditional norms and we believe that our Chess Board based program is the next big thing in global sales.

Coffee, Wine & Activated Flavored Nuts – Export Products

Hop2it Holdings Inc. (“Hop2it”) is our company incorporated in the State of Delaware in the United States. This company was created through our successful sale of a previous US trading company from which we gained significant shares in the public company that acquired this asset from us.


Hop2it is not selling you shares. When you sign up and become a Trading Member, through that process, we will provide you with a tranche of shares in Hop2it commensurate with your level of entry. These shares are provided to you on an ex gratia basis as a gift for your loyalty to Hop2it and our newly launched global rewards program.