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Cannabanoid CBD Products – US Market Only

Hop2it developed a tokenized electronic product to “underwrite” and generate our Digital Trade Dollars, which are discussed below. 2it Coin Tokens as we have labeled them, are a hybrid, closed look, private currency which has been developed for the purpose of supporting our global “smart loyalty” and rewards program.

Hemp Products & Hemp Infused Food – Export Products

As you have read, Hop2it acquired a food manufacturing business in Australia with an Aboriginal name “Murrumbooee” which means “Cascading Water”. The business makes 33 high quality gourmet condiments manufactured for the Australian domestic and US export markets.


In the last 18 months, we have expanded the condiment range to include Hemp infused products and the direct import of container based Hemp from Canada and the USA while the Australian cultivation market catches up as it only became legal in Australia to cultivate Hemp for food in October 2017.