Earn Cash Increase Assets

As a Hop2it Trader your life just took an exciting change!


Each Trader Product Suite has been carefully designed to provide you with business tools including revenue generating digital currency and trade dollars to spend and a parcel of health, wellness or food products. This is the revenue generating component of your new business.

You As A Shareholder


Importantly, each Suite also contains a number of company shares commensurate with the size of the Product Suite purchased. This is the asset component of your new business which places you as a valued company Shareholder. The company management have been moving corporate assets into a position of IPO for the last twelve month and in recent weeks in 2019 this exciting objective has come even closer.

Our Global Co-operative Rewards Program


Cash, or your new business revenues come from your own direct sales and sales volume. The unique and powerful elements of your Trading Program is that it rewards you with cash for the sales work of others as a bonus to your own efforts.

A Program Like Nothing You Have Ever Seen!


The Trading Plan is not Uni-level; Binary or a Matrix, but a combination of the compliant elements of all and in a new sales co-operative. A strategic board game has been chosen on which to you to view graphically your sales tram as Chess Pieces and fo those that wish to, move those sales agents strategically to maximise their sales performance.

Hop2it and Join the Next Big Thing in Product Sales, Cash and Asset Generation!