Product Export & Import

Hop2it and help provide food for a hungry world……


Apart from manufacturing high quality gourmet food and biosoluble Cannabanoid (CBD) gel-caps and oral sprays for the US market, our company exports and imports food commodities.


The products that go to make up the four primary Traders Product Suites mainly come from our company’s commercial endeavors and are not third party products which we simply add value to. We can break these products up into categories including our electronic financial products which are already delivered internationally.

Our Products


  1. Health & Wellness Products
  2. Infant Formula & Powdered Milk Products
  3. Meat, Poultry, Seafood & Gourmet Products
  4. 2it Barter Tokens
  5. Digital Trade Dollars

Product Suite Content


There are four (4) Traders Product Suites which each contain a combination of items 1 to 4 above. Each Traders Product Suite contains a tranche of No. 4 Digital Currency; Health & Wellness Products as seen in No. 1 and any combination of No. 2 or 3 dependent upon export or import movement.



Product Export & Imports


As a Trader, you do not get involved in the export or import of container based products. Hop2it handles this process. You simply purchase a Traders Product Suite within your budget to commence you new sales business and which contains real products both health and food related as well as electronic products which you can use to enhance your business, create revenue and minimise your cash expenditure.



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