Our Global Rewards Program


Join and Start Trading

Hop2it’s Global Sales & Rewards Program is neither a Uni-level, Binary or Matrix system, but a hybrid Co-operative method of achieving real sales or real products on a global scale. To Join a new Trader is introduced to the program and selects one of four Trader Product Suites. Each Suite ranges in price and contains products that can be utilised immediately and products that are to be distributed to the end user customer. There is an annual Trading Membership Fee and a monthly Trading Service Fee. These fees can be found and explained in The Plan menu.

Products & Chess Pieces Issued

Each Traders Product Suite is supplied electronically with a number of Chess Pieces. Suite A for example receives 2 Chess Pieces whereas Suite D receives 8 Chess Pieces. Pieces are Earned when new Members order 1 of 4 Hop2it Product Suites. The Enroller places the Pieces on the 1st available Cell (or Cells for B, C, & D) of a Silver Board. This commences the Traders international sales business where each Chess Piece represents an introduced new Trader.


Amazing Products

Hop2it has a strategic advantage in that is is a manufacturer and facilitator of the development of leading edge Cannabanoid health & wellness products in the US market. From Hop2it’s factory in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, the company manufactures high quality gourmet condiments and a range of Hemp infused and sugarless food products for human, pet, equine and stock use. Hop2it is both an exporter and importer of high quality dairy Infant Formula and milk powder products into populous countries, and an exporter of de-hulled Hemp seed, protein and oil to our own food factory. The result of these commercial activities is that Hop2it has an abundance of exciting products that sit within new emerging health, wellness and food manufacturing industries world-wide as governments change their previously restrictive laws.

Your Business As A Strategic Chess Game

You may have been introduced to other direct or multi-level selling businesses in the past. Hop2it’s Global Sales & Rewards Program has fars surpassed the traditional norms and we believe that our Chess Board based program is the next big thing in global sales.


Hop2it Information Technology

After you are introduced to Hop2it’s Global Sales & Rewards Program and you join, you are issued with access to your sales business and your Chess Board to represent the Chess Pieces and Silver Board to represent and place the people that you introduce to the program. Importantly, you will receive access to a Traders Account and Mobile Application (APP) from which you can track sales, introduce new Traders and watch educational and informative company webinars.