Trading Product Suite A

Digital Trade Dollars

Hop2it does it all…..


Via our experience in the global trading of commodities such as milk powder, infant formula and even food grade Hemp for supplements and infusion into our food products and stock feed, means you are a Trader. To operate your new online trading business has been made as simple as you playing a game of Chess!


In addition to the Traders Product Suites, you can enter the Trade Store in your Traders Account online or via a mobile phone APP you are issued with, and purchase additional product for personal use or to sell or give to friends and family. The exciting news is that the digital currency provided with each Products Suite can be used as a discount in conjunction with cash to buy the Trade Store Products.

Simply select the Traders Product Suite, A, B, C or D. which is the level of entry that you feel comfortable with and can afford. 


The digital financial products you can use or sell immediately and the health, wellness or food products offered in the Product Suite represent your commercial investment and can be retained for your use or on sold to customers seek these highly attractive products.


The exciting part of this global rewards program is that our business is the manufacture, buying and selling of high quality food products into populous regions of he world such as China and the Sub-continent. If you are reading this, you would have been introduced by another Trading Member. When you join and select a Product Suite, a new and exciting world of international trading of food and wellness commodities will open up to you. 


The company Founders “cut their teeth” in commodity trading within the Food Addict Pty Ltd business, a Hop2it subsidiary. Food Addict trades all manner of exotic poultry, meat, game and seafood as seen at www.fatg.com.au. The primary products that Hop2it focuses on are Cannabanoid based CBD Health & Wellness products for sale in the USA at present, Hemp sold into the Equine, animal and pet industries, Hemp infused Murrumbooee condiment products and importantly, Infant Formula and milk powder products sold into Asia, paticulatily China.



“Selling Is Easy If You Know The Rules Of The Game!”