Digital Trade Dollars

All Suites include the following items:


1.  2it Trade Tokens – redeemable for cash – sell for profit and create Digital Trade Dollars.

2.   Digital Trade Dollars – to conserve cash in purchasing highly discounted products.

3.   Company Shares – Shares in Hop2it Holdings Inc. – Traders can become Shareholders when they Profile.

4.   Micro Banking Products – linked to MasterCard/Visa Debit/Credit Card Platform.



Traders Product Suite “B”:  USD$250.00


2,500 2it Trade Tokens @ USD$0.10c

50 x Digital Trade Dollars (Virtual Trading Currency)

20kgs of Imported Product – for manufacture and wholesale/retailing

Earns 2 Pieces on a Silver Board:

                    1 Knight (Fully Qualified)

                    1 Bishop (Half Qualified)

                    2 Soldiers (Non-Qualified)